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The P.E.R.I.C.E.O Project was launched in the fall of 2013, following the modeling exercises of the synergy phenomena proposed in Robert Dilts' Collective Intelligence training. The goal was to take stock of the latest trends and ideas used by teams and organizations to foster synergy and increase Collective Intelligence in order to address challenges and exploit opportunities in the current global economic context.


A number of teams and companies were chosen based on their reputation, innovative operation and leadership to participate in modeling interviews. A structured process and interview methodology were developed to enable facilitators from Collective Intelligence training to carry out their work with overall consistency. A specific charter and code of ethics have been drafted.

Testing the Model

Much of the work was then to compile the interviews and extract a number of convergences and the draft of a structured model. This draft was then tested in different contexts and optimized. Then the facilitators returned to their interlocutors in the chosen companies and crossed the similarities and the differences between their answers and the model.

Our Goal

These exchanges led to the development of tailor-made adjustments for the companies concerned, making it possible to enrich the P.E.R.I.C.E.O. study and Collective Intelligence facilitation methodologies. Our goal is to share our discoveries and encourage further studies and experiments. Working together in groups and teams is becoming more and more common and is part of contemporary life and modern businesses. It is therefore an essential Success Factor for entrepreneurs and leaders, from early start-ups to large organizations with a long history.

It is now almost twenty years since the principles, skills and models of the SFM™ approach have been applied to boost growth and prosperity. When Robert and John Dilts started working with SFM™, they felt their work was not just about effective business knowledge, but a movement that would enrich people's lives and make the world a better place. P.E.R.I.C.E.O. is part of this broader vision that can be described simply as "creating a world to which everyone wants to belong."




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